Elin McCoy on Ontario Morning interview with Wei Chen

Except from November 7, 2016 CBC Radio "Ontario Morning" interview with Wei Chen.

Elin McCoy said: “County wines definitely came out on top…the judges all agreed these two [single-vineyard wines], Rosehall Run’s “JCR Vineyard” 2013 Chardonnay and Closson Chase “South Clos” 2014, were the top two of the tasting….I’m not really surprised – these wines have the climate and the placement in the world and it is becoming more and more clear that [wines from] northern [wine-growing] areas are going to be the stand-outs in the 21st century.

Will this event have the same significant impact as the 1976 Judgement of Paris? I’m sorry to say I don’t think so [but] the result is going to surprise a lot of people…the California tasting took place at a time when it was absolutely revolutionary to think great wine could come from a country and a place outside of France. Now everybody accepts that idea, they know great wine can come from elsewhere – from California or South Africa or New Zealand. So I think the impact is more on the idea that people are going to say woo, why haven’t we been looking at Ontario? This is really surprising!”

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