Judgments on Canadian Wine by David Lawrason

Excepts from the September 2016 Canadian Wine Report on winealign.com

If you are a follower of the fortunes of Canadian wine, you will be aware of the many judgments being made on the quality of our home grown. There are two national contests, several regional/provincial competitions (including the loosely connected Lieutenant Governors Awards in three provinces), and a bevy of international competitions entered by Canadian wineries in the USA and Europe. [...]

An Ontario-based Judgement is coming up November 5. Called The Judgement of Kingston, it will pit Prince Edward County chardonnay against California chardonnay. It is being judged by a small panel of Canadian and American judges, including WineAlign's Sara d'Amato. It is being locally promoted as a consumer event, with attendees also voting (tickets are available at JudgementofKingston.ca).

I found the handpicked PEC/California comparison a bit odd at first (would not Burgundy be the more apt competitor?) but it is in its way a wily, consumer-focused choice. California is the number one selling region in Ontario, so most consumers will have a much better notion of California chardonnay than Burgundy. How well the lighter, more linear County chards will fare is something I will report on later.

In the end, these Judgments do succeed in generating publicity for Canadian wine, and some of our best wines get do get put forward. [...]

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